SMCL 2018


Did you know that you are being filmed over 100 times a day? Surveillance cameras and phone trackers are chasing you, hypnotising you, controlling and watching you constantly. Your digital footprint has more value than your rights. They know where you are 24/7. You are just a individual, one of many and you are at the mercy of this dark and mysterious society.


Hit play on the boombox, turn off your Nintendo, sit back and enter a realm defined by futuristic acceleration. Inspired by 90s web design, glitch art, Tokyo neon nights and 80s-style color themes will leave you nothing short of nostalgic.


Welcome to Motel Madness, where your (in) sanity is our highest priority. With our wide variety of guests ranging from gypsys to con artists, bank robbers to mob bosses, we guarantee you will meet some like-minded troublemakers. Mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice, we provide shelter and entertainment to the wicked. We hope you enjoy your stay.

SMCL 2017


We all have alternative selves, regardless if they are super heroes or evil twins. We are inviting them to travel with us through different styles. These styles are distinct yet intimately linked. Through fashion, we will meet them and express their personalities.

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A dark matter that sticks and burns on the skin when erupted, Basalte is the magmatic rock that arises when contacted with air. The darkness represents the natural disaster of a world that we live in, while the bright, hot orange lava represents the fire and wildness of life’s creations.

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Fire, water, air, and earth. Basque in the four elements that gave life to the human race. Ignite your curiosity, go with the flow, breathe in the inspiration, and get in touch with your roots. This is how we create.

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From the darkness of space, we grab the Spark of the stars to illuminate our way. Come join us during this dark time as we embark on a journey to find the spark of light, through clothes and music that is rich in atmosphere.

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SMCL 2016


Blink aims to recreate the world’s perception of pink and turn it into a representation of confidence, intelligence, and power. Thus, defying the stigma attached to femininity and redefining it, allowing women and men alike to be true to themselves and embrace their feminine side. Strength is no longer directly correlated to masculinity. Pink is the new black.

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When the night comes, our most intoxicating cravings occurs and push our limits to its maximum which turns this night into one of the craziest one’s of our life. Let us guide you through the music and the glitters of this unusual universe. You’ll discover a world where logic has been replaced by fun! COSMO will carry you into this parallel world, in between a dream and reality.

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In the multicultural city that is Montreal, DIVER•CITY celebrates each individual’s differences but reunites them through denim. A new generation of fashion with no boundaries or restrictions will truly accomplish the long awaited democratization of the runway.

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Dystantopia is the  journey from an exaggerated present world where justice is denied and ignorance prevails, to an ideal perspective of a united society. Through the art of fashion and creativity we express our perception of what we hope to accomplish in our society’s future.

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